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Foraging Baskets 

Our foraging baskets are used for many purposes. For starters, it's a way to stay connected to nature while indoors, especially during the colder months when most of the plants are sleeping or gearing up for new growth in the coming spring. Having bits of dried plant life on the window seal or in a basket on the counter can change the mindset from melancholia to a feeling of anticipation. The visual reminds us that new life is coming, and soon there will be an unmistakable fragrance in the air, the scent of spring.

But our baskets aren't just visual. They're gathered with good and pure intention. The items can be used for art, nature studies, gifts, or ceremonial purposes. Generally, you'll find driftwood, bones, moss, seedlings, bug carcass, dried mushrooms, dried berries, bark, flowers nestled together in a repurposed basket.

Our baskets are foraged by us, primarily in the North East near the Beaverkill River. But sometimes we forage while on our travels, so you may find sea glass or plant life from other regions. There are no two baskets alike, and each one comes with a hidden message meant to spread good health and love.

The baskets run between $25 and $200 bucks depending on size and special requests, but most people are super happy with our midsize basket at $40.

Send us a note with questions or requests.

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you. —Frank Lloyd Wright