Our crafts are created from found objects and what we forage in nature. We believe not all treasures worth having are bought on Amazon. Upcycling is our way of preserving what we love most, the Beaverkill River.

Aside from crafting with nature, we offer foraging day trips, unique photography sessions and cleansing rituals. Send us a note with questions or requests. 

foraging trip


cleansing ritual

Join “Open Space Institute” in preserving the Beaverkill

keep our waters clean

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nuts, moss, basket, bones, seedlings

Foraging Baskets 

Our foraging baskets are used for many purposes. For starters, it’s a way to stay connected to nature while indoors, especially during […]

Spelled Dolls

When we handoff one of our authentic Spelled Dolls to another human, we explain how important it is to use them in […]

woods, moss, trees

Foraging Day Trip

Do you need a day trip away from all the trappings of your everyday life? Or maybe you’re looking for something fun […]

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Simplicity is natures first step, and the last of art. —Philip James Bailey