Our Story

We're the Beaverkill Witches. We grew up on the Beaverkill River between Roscoe and Hancock, NY (off of Old 17) where we spent most of our time outside exploring nature. Our mothers were best friends. They were our example, teaching us what not to eat off the forest floor and what to do with our harvest, like drying, canning and preserving.

We still spend time playing in the woods looking for familiar favorites, like mushrooms, berries and bones. We load up our baskets, bags and pockets with whatever we find, but only if it's non-hurtful to the environment. We're aware and respectful of our footprint and what we take with us (in and out). We also make things inspired by nature, always on the hunt for found objects to repurpose.

The Witch part: We practice our own spiritual rituals, the ones we made up as kids. Most of what we do wont be found in a book. It's our own special way of communicating. The rituals have been refined over the years, and have led to some surprising discoveries about ourselves and the power the land gives to those who ask. Having said that, no one is turning into a frog anytime soon, but with spiritual practice and a deep connection to nature, all things are possible.

The simple truth of what we do comes down to one thing, we like being in the woods...on the river...together. It's home. Think of us as Mother Nature's little helpers.

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 Shall I not have intelligence with the earth? Am I not partly leaves and vegetable mold myself.  —Henry David Thoreau